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Perhaps time's definition of coal is the diamond.
~ Kahlil Gibran


Crafted to Perfection

Steal a star from the sky...

What if you had a chance to bring home a glittering star... A star that captivated the attention of anyone who ever laid eyes on it?

Heirlooms are some of the loveliest markers of a family's legacy. Have your future generations cherish your memory by investing in the most exquisite of treasures: Sunstar Diamonds and Jewellery, fine quality Belgian diamonds perfectly fit into cutting edge jewellery designs. The shapely cut diamonds adorn our intricate gold and platinum designs to create not just beautiful jewellery, but enchanting works of art. For truly, Sunstars are prepared by auteurs who are the best at what we do...



We know that more dimensions lead to more shine

Who forge the stars...

Sunstar Diamonds & Jewellers have been thriving in the industry for almost 15 years now. We have been steadily growing into a trusted brand among customers, retailers and evaluators in Australia and abroad.

We import and export diamond and gemstone jewellery using precious metals such as platinum and various types of gold. Our diamonds are imported from the Diamond Capital itself, Belgium, and we don’t settle for anything lower than top quality stones. The diamonds are then shipped to Mumbai, our manufacturing headquarters, where they are painstakingly curated to ensure perfect colour, clarity and carat value, polished and then cut in a manner truly befitting of our standards. Our in-house team of supremely talented designers oversee the diamond polishing and moulding processes, ensuring that the end products are worthy of being accentuated by their classy jewellery designs.

On the battlefield of love, everyone yields to the ultimate weapon: Diamonds.

Mr. Pradeep Ukani


The man who catches the stars for you...

Mr. Pradeep Ukani, the founder of Sunstar Diamonds, has been working in the diamond industry for more than 20 years!

Making his start in the “Cutting and Polishing” business, Mr. Ukani then transitioned to “Grading and Sorting”, and gained a comprehensive first hand knowledge of the diamond industry, from the rough to the end product. This enables him to procure diamonds with the highest quality, with flawless cuts, for our esteemed clients.

Mr. Ukani utilizes his honed skill set and vast experience to personally handpick and select each diamond used in Sunstar Jewellery. Mr. Ukani’s aim is to ensure you have the quality to go hand in hand with the dazzling beauty of your precious Sunstar jewels.

Diamonds originate from the Greek word 'Adamas", meaning unconquerable and indestructible.


Someone beautiful deserves something beautiful…

Own something as rare as a falling star...

Sunstar Diamonds proudly present Pink Diamonds, incredibly rare precious gems. These iridescent diamonds change their colours when viewed from different angles, appearing in lovely shades of pink to hues of violet and blue. As rare and valuable as these diamonds currently are, their value and rarity will rise exponentially in the near future when they will stop being mined, at which point these jewels will become highly coveted antiquities.

So we highly recommend our cherished customers to purchase Sunstar jewellery with pink diamonds right now when it’s still possible. It offers not just the thrill of capturing a rare falling star, but it’s also a great investment for your future generations!

Supreme Elegance

Surpassing Expectations

Sunstars Diamonds

If diamonds are forever, then


Sunstar diamonds are forever yours.


Sneak Peek of the latest events and news at Sunstar


A rare opportunity to appreciate and purchase Sunstar's finest creations in total privacy this November.

Latest news


The Date: November 11-13, 2016
The Venue: Melbourne
Contact for Invites: +61 3 9043 2756, +61 4 3003 1545

If you ever dreamed of inspecting some of Australia's finest diamonds in complete privacy, or purchasing gems directly from a reputed wholesaler, then Sunstar Diamonds Exhibition is just the opportunity you were seeking!

Open only to invitees and prior appointments, the exhibitions grants you a chance to take a glimpse at some of Sunstar's exquisite products before they hit the market. And what's more, you will get to enjoy the exhibits all to yourself.

So if you have plans of gifting diamonds this Christmas, come on down to Melbourne and be spoilt for choice with our stunning range of gorgeous creations.

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+61 4 3003 1545

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